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Harry Potter

Male, female, or otherwise, where does it get you? Do you wish to chill with Harry and can't find a thread to do it? Here's an appointments post to thread out things like that. If you need anything, you can always PM me or IM me at the eldar wand.

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Harry Potter
[Over by House 26, a lake has manifested in the back yard, and the forest nearby has warped itself to resemble the Forbidden Forest back at Hogwarts. Sadly, his favorite castle isn't on the other side of the trees, nor is anything about Hogwarts he actually enjoyed. Dementors are hovering about, but they're keeping their distance from the flickering stag Patronus that's patrolling the lake shore.

Also sitting on the lake shore is one Harry Potter, holding a cup of tea and grimly keeping an eye out for more trouble that might come out of the forest. It'd be just his luck for more dementors or maybe some acromantulas to appear out of nowhere, so he figures he needs to be there to meet the danger when it arrives. His journal sits open on the porch rail as he listens for any indication that something's coming his way. He has to protect his friends and his home somehow.

But for a moment, he holds up his up in a toast to himself, his mouth a thin line of frustration.]

Happy bloody Birthday.
Harry Potter
[Harry Potter is strutting strolling through the village of Luceti, apparently without a care in the world. One might not even guess that just a couple of hours ago, he was held captive by the Malnosso. To come out of something like that, well... one might consider him rather lucky.

That's because he is. Harry has been sent back while dosed with more than a few days worth of a potion called Felix Felicis - a potion that grants luck to the user. Though it was rainy the day before, Harry's done an exceptional job of avoiding mud puddles without even trying. Feel free to run into him on his way home?

When he finally gets back to his journal, he opens it up and starts talking like he's just come out of a warm, relaxing shower.]

So what have I missed?
Harry Potter
Oh, wonderful. It sounds like everyone's running about like chickens with their heads cut off again. Did the Malnosso do something?

Did the Third Party manage to off anybody this time? I hear they keep going on about people dying permanently, and I reckon we could afford to downsize the population a bit. It's not like anyone around here is smart enough to find some other way out.

[So! Harry's strongest trait is his compassion for other people, and for the next couple of days, he's lost it. Right now he's sitting in a tree, levitating fruit off of other trees and letting them fall on the heads of passers by. All in good fun, right?]
Harry Potter
I know it's been a bit weird since that last experiment, but has anyone seen Neville Longbottom about? He's sort of quiet, likes plants, but friendly? The experiment might've displaced him. Who knows?

[A few moments later.]

Failing that, is anyone good with wizarding plants?

[Herbology had never been one of Harry's better subjects, and it's been a long time since he's bothered to remember anything worthwhile about it. Without Neville to take care of it or Hermione to know how to keep it under control, it's starting to look a mess. Today, Harry's trying to set up lanterns to try and keep the devil's snare under control.]
Harry Potter
[Getting one's body shuffled around in an experiment is nothing new, but it's created a bit of a situation for one Harry Potter. After spending a good chunk of the week burbling about as a Jabberwocky, he's found himself in the body of a unicorn. More weirdness he can handle, right? Aside from a little piece of Voldemort's soul that's usually nestled comfortably in a lightning bolt scar that also got jostled around. Now? It's resting inside unicorn!Harry's horn, on top of a great stash of unicorn blood. Gallons of immortality ripe for the taking! That requires effort!

Except rather than a sore head scar, it's more of an annoying, inexplicably itching horn. Harry is wandering around the forest in a rather annoyed manner, rubbing his horn against trees and trying to make it stop. Eventually, he makes his way back to his journal to complain.]

Does anyone know anything about itchy horns?
Harry Potter
In case you hadn't heard, Hermione Granger's gone back home. DA meetings are postponed indefinitely until I can get something sorted. She was the mind behind all the brilliant spellwork and there's no replacing that.

If anyone needs anything, I'll be around.

[Having finally bit the bullet and addressed that, Harry is glooming about on the porch of house 26 and watching Hedwig fly around. He's pretty much at a loss for what to do next.]
Harry Potter
There they go again, shipping us out to fight their battles like bloody pawns. Does it matter if we die, since they can bring us back again with no problem? Probably not. A lot of people get hurt, and the reward for helping the Malnosso out is more people getting hurt and experimented on. Shouldn't lives mean more than that?
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Harry Potter
[There are a lot of splotches and scratched out words starting this out. Harry's not so keen on divulging much information over the journals, much less personal stuff, nor does he like asking for advice. But how does this being romantic holiday thing work? You know, when he's not doing exclusive interviews for the sake of sharing one of his worst memories and fighting a smear campaign against him. What is normalcy, really?]

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